Thursday, 4 December, 2008

Indian Cracker League – Diwali Edition

Mumb-aai Nagaria, Today’s date, Current Time: BeSeeSeeEye Fireworks International Ltd., the world leader in fire cracker production has introduced new and exciting range of crackers this diwali. In the recently held press conference, Mr. She Red Power, CEO of BeSeeSeeEye announced the launch of Indian Cracker League. He also clarified that the marketing and sales rights of the new range of crackers have been offered to different corporate entities through a formal bidding process. Further, he added that 5 iconic flagship products were not a part of the bidding process and would be priced at 125% of the costliest product in the category. Let’s have a quick look at the different crackers available this festive season:

1. The Dhun-e multishot: The Dhun-e multishot bomb has become a hot favorite among children in the recent years. This extremely loud bomb bursts multiple times almost regularly. It has been exceedingly advertized in the recent days and its igniter has become shorter recently. The exclusive rights for the popular Dhun-e Bomb were purchased by a Chinnai firm for a whopping 1.5 million dollars.

2. The Ten-doll-ar Bomb (aka Master Cracker): The Ten-doll-ar bomb is one of the 5 flagship products of the BeSeeSeeEye. This legendary bomb has been proving its superiority over other popular crackers of the world since the last 17 years. The Ten-doll-ar bomb belongs to a Reliant firm from Mum-bhaiya err… Mumb-aai Nagaria.

3. The Gameguly Rocket (aka Dada Rocket): The Gameguly rocket, another flagship product belongs to the city of Joy. BeSeeSeeEye has declared that this could be the last year of production for GameGuly rocket. This popular rocket has seen ups and down over several years. It was out of manufacturing for sometime due to allegations of lack of quality, but bounced back as a successful rocket soon. The proud owner of Gameguly rocket is none other than the king Can of Bollywood.

4. The Dravinci Snapper (aka wall snapper): This flagship product is known for its reliability and consistency. It is not loud but it lasts for a long time once it is triggered. This snapper has gained reputation for its perfection when in action. People who love peace and want to spread the light of diwali for a long time should go for this one. Dravinci is owned by a liquor barron from Bingo-lur

5. The Prince-raj six shot: The prince-raj six shot as the name suggests bursts loudly six times when ignited. It is a strong and loud cracker but not a very reliable one. The owner of prince-raj six shot is a pretty woman from candy-god.

6. The Say-wag Missile (aka veer missile): The veer missile is capable of loud and long lasting blasts. However, the quality of this missile has degraded and sometimes it functions as a smoke ball. It is recommended that your start your celebrations with this missile. This opener cracker, a flagship product again belongs to the capital of India.

7. The Every-bajan Parachute (aka turn-a-tor): The turn-a-tor is a unique cracker which moves in any direction once ignited. It is an exciting cracker but its production was stopped for sometime as this cracker hurt another cracker (Sri-saint). The Reliant Mumb-aai firm has bought the turn-a-tor.

8. The Sri-saint sparkler: Last but not the least, the Sri-saint sparkler is among the most jubilant crackers. If it bursts successfully, it moves around for some time as if it were dancing. The Sri-saint also belongs to the pretty woman from Candy-god.

With these and several other crackers available in the market this year, Indians are ready for a Blast this Diwali!

Happy Diwali!

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