Friday, 12 February, 2010

Lewis and Tide presents - Dirteen!

Team "Old Monks" (Erwin Dmello, Anil PR and Sourabh Magdum) entry for Addendum,a SPJIMR event.

Its a challenge to link two of the given brands and come up with a new product. Also prepare a print Ad and a 450 word writeup explaining the product!

Here is what we did -

Let’s relive your worst nightmare!! An important date...You take the pains to wake up early … take out your favorite Tee, take a shower , and just when you thought nothing could go wrong , You find your favorite jeans , all cleaned up lying spic and span , thanks to your mom!!

Your whole world turns upside down; disappointment sinks within…..Just one of those days when cleanliness ruined the day….

Some things don’t mix!! like Jeans and cleanliness never go together…and you now sit there in despair wondering how on earth mom would ever understand that!!!.......but not anymore!!!

And just in case you are one of those people who are of the belief that

Clean looks are charming ….Clean looks are elegant …..Clean looks are graceful……


Isn’t cleanliness overrated!! Think of it…if there were no dirt, there wouldn’t be anything to clean! We at LEVIS the leaders in comfort fabric and TIDE , the pioneers in detergents  come together as we look to reconnoiter that positive that dirt is, give it the space that it truly deserves and acknowledge it for the charity it has done to the world of fashion!!

Introducing, the revolutionary new age solvent that will make you love the dirty look…

The new age dernier, the evolution from the ordinary call it the dawn of the dirty… Levis and Tide proudly present DIRTEEN, a solvent for the youth!! A novel and unique solvent that adds to your clothes that ubercool look that you have always dreamt of!!

In a few simple steps, oust the simplicity from your clean jeans and give it the stature it deserves. Add a sachet of DIRTEEN to a mug of water, and sprinkle it on those areas of your jeans where you would love to have the dirty look. Once that’s done, then hot it up by ironing the particular area. Watch in amazement as the magic of DIRTEEN takes over and the snazzy makeover it gives to your fabric. Before you know, your jeans is back to its former glory, whatever look it might have been, rusty , bad boy , mechanic, greasy or painter white ,we have it all.

We at LEVIS and TIDE understand the likes of our customer, especially those they never talk of, like the cool look that the dirt on their jeans gives, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to assure them that they can now take their cool looks for granted!!

Dirt is here to stay... it’s for the brave, for the bold, for the ones who have the guts to reveal their imperfections, so go ahead and embrace it, GO HIGHLIGHT THE DIRT IN YOU!!


Durga said...

Good idea... But I could feel the influence of "dirt is gud" tagline of surf excel.

Sourabh said...

Hmm.. Thanks and Good observation Durga...